Clean water is not a privilege, it is a human right. The mission of the Water Stewards Alliance (WSG) is to protect the Earth's waters for the good of all. This mission is best implemented on a local level first and foremost. Water Stewards Alliance was founded in 2020 in response to the revelation of PFAS water contamination on the North Shore in communities such as Lynnfield, Woburn, Burlington, Acton. This website exists to educate the public on the PFAS issue, along with many other water safety issues. With respect to evaluating the PFAS exposure, WSG invites you to take a PFAS blood test to evaluate your level of exposure. We also invite you to discuss your results with us after you've taken the test to determine next steps. You can reach us by email at Please see the information on the page below to purchase your at-home test (which may be reimbursable depending on your town's decision to secure funding for this expenditure)

Map of 261 cities and towns that the state has tested for PFAS. Green indicates 0 parts per trillion, yellow indicates less than 20.5 ppt, red indicates greater than 20.5 ppt. Some communities have multiple water districts, which may have different PFAS levels. (Courtesy Massachusetts Sierra Club)

EmpowerDX provides comprehensive at-home PFAS tests that check your blood for 40+ different PFAS chemicals. EmpowerDX is CLIA certified, meaning that the FDA and CDC ensure their tests, methods and practices meet their rigorous standards. EmpowerDX has been notified about the PFAS issue in Lynnfield and a representative has agreed to come to Lynnfield to educate the public on PFAS blood testing so they can be fully informed about the issue. Water Stewards Alliance is in full support of this measure.

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