Water Crisis Facts

The following video library is intended to provide resources to share with your family, friends and community to help solve the clean water crisis and preserve water sources worldwide.

Hamzah Farrukh is the founder and president of Bondh-E-Shams, a global water charity serving thousands of people across the world through the OASIS Box: an innovative, affordable, scalable solar-powered all-in-one water pump and filtration system. Hamza was diagnosed with typhoid on his seventh birthday due to unsafe water in his village in rural Pakistan.

He was among the luckily to survive and vowed that no one from his village would fall sick from water, ever again. His dream came true through his water charity, Bondh E Shams, which translates to “droplets from the sun” and reflects the charity's mission to uphold the human right to access safe and clean water through the power of harnessing solar energy.

Click here to learn more about how the solar water project to see how you can get involved and make a difference today!

Hamzah's TedTalk on solving the global water crisis (left)

The World's Water Crisis documentary on the right presents an overview on the situation as well as some alarming facts that puts the crisis into greater perspective.

For example:

  • Nasa satellite data shows aquifers in northern India decreasing by nearly 30 trillion gallons in just a decade

  • It takes 35 liters of water to produce a bottle of Coca-Cola

  • Water scarcity is at the heart of the Darfur conflict, which has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives since 2003.